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Introduction to nse2r Package

17 Jan 2020

Introduction to nse2r Package


The nse2r package retrieves the data from NSE (National Stock Exchange of India). The data contains up-to-date summarized information about stocks, futures and options, indexes and pre-open market. The idea of this package is to reduce the processing time to analyse the data.

Instead of going through the process – visit NSE website, search specific location where data is available, either copy-paste the data in excel or directly download the excel as per data availability on website, clean the data, import the excel into R and then use the final data for analysis. The package directly fetches the data in cleaner version through just typing one command into R and then you can do the analysis as per your requirement.

The following data available through this package:

  • List of stocks and associated ticker (NSE Symbol) names
  • List of NSE indices
  • Latest stocks and indices quotes
  • Top gainers and losers from the last trading session
  • New 52 week high and low stocks
  • Most actively traded stocks in a month
  • Top futures & options gainers from the last trading session
  • Pre-open market data for Nifty and Nifty Bank
  • Advances/Declines/Unchanged in NSE Indices


The available data is very useful to take decision in stock selection for trading. And the authors will add more data to this package over the period so that trader can access all the information available in the market through only one package – nse2r.

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