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Book: How Successful People Grow

15 Aug 2017

Book: How Successful People Grow


John C. Maxwell describes 15 ways to get ahead in life in his book “How Successful People Grow”. The book helps to reach our greatest potential through following these 15 principles:

Become an intentional learner (Growth doesn’t just happen)

Develop self-awareness (You must know yourself to grow yourself)

Believe in yourself (You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself)

Set aside time to reflect (Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you)

Embrace discipline daily (Motivation gets you going – Discipline keeps you growing)

Seek out a positive environment (Growth thrives in conducive surroundings)

Become highly strategic (To maximize growth, develop strategies)

Turn negatives into positives (Good management of bad experiences leads to great growth)

Grow from the inside out (Character growth determines the height of your personal growth)

Get used to stretching yourself (Growth stops when you lose the tension where you are and where you could be)

Make smart trade-offs (You have to give up to grow up)

Learn to ask more questions (Growth is stimulated by asking why)

Find a good mentor (It’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow)

Focus on enlarging your potential (Growth always increases your capacity)

Help others reach their potential (Growing yourself enables you to grow others)

The above points are just the contents of the book; just think the content is so precisely, concisely, elegantly written what if we read the complete book which will be so powerful and influential. I realized myself that these 15 points can take me ahead in life; however, the 2 more points which I think are also important to get ahead in life:

Empower yourself through the power of spirituality (Communicate with God through prayer).

Stay fit and healthy (Your body will reward you)

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